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Price: $27.55
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 11 in × 2 in × 2 in

SOCKET JENIE LVSG-877 FOR RAISING & LOWERING FOLD DOWN CAMPER ROOFS THAT USE A 7/8" ROUND CRANK (Free length of socket body=8 1/2") This socket requires a 1/2" drill chuck, and must be used with a low RPM/ high torque drill motor. A general drill would be: 110V drill should not be less than 5 amps, while a battery powered drill should be 24V. Due to the wide variety of roof system designs used for fold down camper vehicles, the general recommendations may not be required for your specific vehicle. It is suggested that the 110V or cordless drill have the extra front mounted handle to control the torque required to raise or lower the roof. The free length of this socket represents the distance that the crank inserts into the camper body to operate the roof. The portion of the socket that fits into the drill chuck is not included in the free length. NOTE: This socket was designed for the 2005 model year Viking and Coachmen Future model. This will also fit some other models; therefore it is necessary that the amount of crank inserted into the camper body be carefully measured. Contact Customer Service when placing an order to make certain that you purchase the correct length socket.

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