List price: $25.80
Price: $25.80
Weight: 2 lb
Dimensions: 12 in × 5 in × 5 in


The LVSG-632 socket was one of the first designs developed for the pop-up camper industry. The original design was developed to raise and lower hydraulic actuated leveling jacks for our LEVEL JENIE hydraulic leveling system. This system used hydraulic cylinders to level the tent camper at the rear, and used a low powered stick screwdriver to drive the miniature hydraulic motor.  Although the demand never developed for a hydraulic leveling system for tent campers, the Coachmen RV Company liked the concept of a miniature hydraulic system. CCI was requested to develop a design that could raise and lower the roof of their Coachmen Clipper & Viking fold down campers. This was marketed with the combination of a Socket Jenie, 24V DeWald battery powered drill, and a safety arm kit to keep the drill from being pulled out of the operators hand. Although Coachmen/Viking did not continue the combination as a factory accessory, Custom Cylinders International, Inc. continued to develop different designs to fit a wide range of pop-up camper, 5th wheel, and other applications. The LVSG-632 was developed in 2009 for David Lee’s 1977 Apache camper. CCI Engineering worked with Mr. Lee to make certain that it would work properly for his camper. Several variations for other Apache owners have been developed. To date more than 30 designs have been developed to operate a wide range of recreational vehicle stabilizers and roof lift systems. We never charge the customer to make a prototype for a new application, only an original purchase price of a standard , similar design SOCKET JENIE. More than 30 unique designs for the RV industry have been developed since 1998.

 From this humble beginning a hydraulic roof lift system was marketed as a FACTORY INSTALLED option by Coachmen Clipper/Viking campers under the name of their “E-Z POWER LIFT SYSTEM”. For several years the ROOF JENIE that raised the roof of pop up campers was considered a success for their product line. This system could be powered by a battery powered drill, or a 12V volt motor built into the hydraulic circuit. This system is marketed by CCI as the ROOF JENIE hydraulic roof system, and several variations of the original design have been installed on RV vehicles. 

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