List price: $29.80
Price: $29.80
Weight: 1 lb
Dimensions: 12 in × 3 in × 3 in


Designed in 2009 OAL is 3 7/8" for a Viking / Coachmen camper to fit into a 3/4" winch pocket up to 1 3/8" deep. Requires a 1/2" drill chuck to fit the non - slip arbor.

This SOCKET JENIE was designed in 2009 for a 1997 DUTCHMEN fold down camper. The location of the winch was on the side of the tent trailer, toward the rear. Since that time it has been sold to fit a 1976 Coleman, 1976 Rockwood, 1989 Rockwood, 1997 and 2000 Dutchmen, and the following Viking & Coachman Clipper years: 1984, 2001, 2003, 2004, and 2009. While most cranks are round in design, this particular group of sockets are square. There are minor differences in the square part of the SOCKET JENIE, and you will need to verify that this model will fit your pop-up camper winch. The general dimensions are as follows:

 1)       The shank that fits into the winch pocket is slightly smaller than 3/4" square is at .680

2)       The square portion of the Socket Jenie will insert over 1" into the winch pocket

3)       The over-all body length of the Socket Jenie is 3 7/8"

4)        Note that the end that fits into your drill chuck has been machined precisely to fit a 1/2'' drill chuck. This design WILL NOT slip if tightened properly with a chuck key. CAUTION-due to the torque of the drill, serious injury can occur if movement of the roof should suddenly be stopped.

 When considering the purchase of your Socket Jenie, verify the dimensions noted in items 1) thru 4). If you purchase a design that does not fit your camper, we will modify it at no additional charge. If the design cannot be modified, we will make you a NEW design that will fit, at no additional charge. You may contact us if there are any questions about dimensions or use.

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