Cub Cadet hydraulic cylinder for power angle plow

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Cub Cadet hydraulic cylinder for power angle plow

Trying to find a replacement cylinder for the Cub Cadet Power angle plow. This was a kit made for the snow plow on cub cadets. Using the front hydraulic outlets on the tractor; for turning the plow. Plow kit # 190-378-100. The cylinder was # 717-3031. Both kit and cylinder no longer available.


We are the original source for Cub Cadet cylinders since MTD bought the line. The part number you have provided does not appear in our records, therefore it could have been used on the original International Harvester models. The design is very similar to cylinders we made for another company in Cleveland, and may have been manufactured for one of our other turf equipment customers. The part number appears to be an MTD number, therefore may have been a design we developed for their Commercial Turf Products equipment. Regardless, we have the ability to reproduce almost any brand or style of hydraulic or air cylinder. You might want to consider sending it to us for a complete refurbish, or possibly to duplicate as a replacement. Custom Cylinders currently provides repair and replacement service for customers from most of the states in America. The original Cub Cadet cylinder was made like the one first used on the mower lift. This proved to be too small for the punishment it received. They then went to the new larger cylinder. Some at the sites for Cub Cadets have posted measurements and photos. Almost everyone that plows with a Cub Cadet wants a power angle blade; and are looking for a newer replacement cylinder. Mine was rebuilt two years ago and the constant running into frozen snow plows has started to seep after running. I think a cylinder from Surplus Center may work with a few mods. #9-4410-08. Found a few drawings (poor but show measurements of the smaller cylinder). And photos of old and newer model cylinders.

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