Custom Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

Custom Cylinders International, Incorporated, is a hydraulic cylinder manufacturer, manufacturing custom designed hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for specialized or engineered equipment. Examples include recreational vehicle slide outs, RV leveling systems for motor homes, raising pop up camper roofs, automotive lifts, log splitters, farm equipment, and hospital equipment. Additional products are paintball barrels, recreational vehicle stabilizing jack sockets, and tobacco baler systems. Product trade names sold by Custom Cylinders International, Inc. include the Roof Jenie hydraulic systems, Socket Jenie sockets, Level Jenie levelers, and the Cool Cleeve from MICO. CCI produces low and high pressure designs, medium to high volume quantities, 1" to 10" bore, and custom designs for many types of equipment. In addition to the manufacturing operations, CCI operates a separate Division that offers repair and re-manufacturing services for pumps, valves, systems, and cylinders used on mobile and industrial equipment.

Custom Cylinders International, Inc. also has a repair division

Custom Cylinders' Repair Service was established in 1996 and has a 500 mile distribution area around Winchester and Lexington Kentucky. Shipments are made by UPS, Common Carrier, and customer deliver / pickup. Custom Cylinders Repair Service provides repair and rebuilding service and service parts for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. We also repair vane pumps, piston pumps, gear pumps, control valves, and systems for individuals or industrial customers. Pumps, valves, and cylinders can be dropped off or sent in for evaluation and or repair. New or rebuilt telescope cylinders, hydraulic pumps, seals, and repair kits are available.

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